Sister Act


Congratulations to my sister, Dona, who’s graduating Cum Laude from UP Diliman!

To her HRIM friends (and my extended shobes, Val and Aissa) who are marching with Latin Honors too: congrats dearies!

Now my problem is that her College grad’s on the 26th– my company’s out of town trip… which I helped put a date to… Yikes!

Oh well, we’ll see how I fix this (or at least not miss so much of the ceremony).

me and donna

@ the Choco Buffet in UP


My computer’s restarted 2x within the afternoon while doing overtime and now the rush hour’s caught me.

I’m doing research work and nothing could be worse than losing your train of thought. aaaaaargh.

inhale, exhale.



deviate na lang.

Sometimes, all you’ve got is optimism and more laughs with your friends…

making the most of things


My family left for a weekend in the province. I got left behind because I’ll be teaching on Sunday and I didn’t say ahead that I won’t make it. Pluus… I’m still tired and my stuff are all over the place. I need the weekend to clean up.

The otherwise steady me, myself and my pillow Saturday night had to be pushed back thanks to B, Jak and Nina. Yeays!

Being music fans and all, we spent the afternoon singing along Bono in the U2 3D concert in the iMax theater. 500 bucks for a mimicked U2 experience, Jak was reaching out to touch The Edge. Haha! An American couple seated before us made the experience all the more authentic. Worth every peso— of course, for fans like us, this is a biased review.

I typically smirk at the idea of hanging out in MOA because it’s sooo far and unfriendly to my heels. At least I’m given a new perspective last Saturday. We enjoyed the sunset and fireworks talking about planes and the “Easterly wind” over beers and Mojitos. Who knew that staying in a mall can be chill? 😉 There was an MTV event below us, Hooters recruitment I think. Hooters? Gah. Playboy, then Hooters. I shall move to the province soon. Lol. But then, they don’t serve Mojitos there! Hehe.

We then rushed to the Pagcor Theater thinking that we’re late for the Wanders show. Hehe. Free tickets and super good seats, who wouldn’t love that? Wanders is like Cirque de Soleil but less weird/carnie. Surprisingly, we enjoyed it (except Nina who’s jet lagged and slept though ¾ of the show). It’s a local show fusing with gymnasts, dancers and talents from China, Vegas and Russia. I saw a lot of church mates in the production and ran into Pastor Insong whose son is the band’s drummer.

Hmm… twenty something and I still don’t plan about my weekend nights. Mestillalittlegirl. Bleh. Ooh, it’s Pawie’s birthday today!

Shall I fix my schedule for a party? 😉

You can get tickets for the Wanders via Ticketworld

for iMax tickets, call 556-IMAX

hating clowns and mimes

I hate mimes.
I hate clowns.
I hate them because you have no idea who they are under those chalky, freakish makeups. I hate that I don’t know what else is there. I hate the uncertainty.


I was looking at this photo i took with my first roll and questioned myself of the things that scare me… I dislike so many stuff, from small beach crabs, to roaches, crawlies, untrained pushy salesguys with flyers and oily muscle men. But afraid? I can’t say exactly what I’m afraid of- suffice to say, most of my old fears were overcome already. The only general remainder is.. uncertainty.

For the longest time, all I have are plans, plans, plans. Plans to travel, start my own enterprise, author a children’s book, go back to school and live without missing a thing. The hardest part is always implementing. I battle with my personal critiques, debating the pros and cons. I speak in behalf of every middle class twenty-something that we don’t have the same freedom most privileged kids possess. We love so many things, impassioned and even talented at that. But we don’t have the luxury of a back-fall should anything go wrong. Our families depend on our earnings to sustain themselves. We are expected to help out and walk the line for our younger siblings to receive their college diplomas. We save on ourselves but still find our target savings not met by the end of the month because an emergency happened at home.

Sorry for ranting a little, but to give you a view of how mid class yuppies are in Manila: For us, luho = getting a nice haircut once in a while or rest on a weekend for a quarter. Walking along Ortigas, you come across funky haired conyo rich kids who are featured to be “creative” and “brave” because they have the resources to dye their tops to match their jackets anytime. You see obviously lousy businesses sprouting and have your judgment confirmed after half a year when they close shop. Your business meetings in a coffee shop are constantly interrupted by rowdy (not to mention insensitive) college dudes with Macs, ogling over their newest download or complaining about how Daddy grounded him and he cant go to Bora for sembreak. Yes, even the daily grind is harder to chew when you realize that you’re only making the ends meet til your next payday. We weren’t sent by our parents to after-school activities and outside the country to learn about the arts, culture and whatnot. Our childhood memories are set in lolo’s farm, chasing after chickens and playing tumbang preso.

(whew! i got that one out!)

Point is, because of this long straw of contextualized history, we’re made to walk along what’s safe and sufficient. We always dream big but struggle to make that first step… I was thinking, maybe we are trained to BE afraid. to BE cautious. to BE comparing (?) to accept but COMPLAIN deep inside.

But it’s not all the same for our profile. My best guy friend never ceases to inspire me. We shared the same quote of childhood but he’s gone ahead of how we mostly fared. He listens to my ranting for more than his fair share but never complains. 🙂 I don’t think I’ve heard him complain about anything other than his love life. hah! From his Masters before til the meeting with venture capitalists last week, he’s never griped. Coming from a close, Christian family, I feel that he saw the world differently at a young age.. All he asks from me are prayers… And his response to my rants always point to one thing: patience.

Everyone’s got their own time. Not because we earned it directly, but because God grants it when we’re ready.  Wisdom comes with age and some things are best decided on when you’re older. Now, a year after surrendering myself for His works, opportunities are unfolding before me. Things I’ve wanted for so long to the point I have forgotten them, He’s finally letting me have. Wishes tucked in my heart, He knows and are giving me freely. 🙂

What am I afraid of?

I know the concept of uncertainty and shifting gears make me breathe harder… I am not “afraid-less“, I haven’t gone there yet..

But i know, that I am less afraid 🙂

“For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and love and wisdom.”

II Timothy 1:7