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outside dark whorls and damp air above disappointment descending over a paper trail inside thousands of tears knocking alternately on a tin roof each tick, making a mother worry each leak, questioning a father’s ability to provide each streak, encourages a young one to hide outside the stream gurgles beside, the old lady snores a […]

Security Issues


I am a firm believer of the power behind timing. Say, you meet someone beyond compare– a perfect match to say the least. Yet, without the proper timing, she’s just another face in the crowd. Imagine reading a text so many times before ….but it’s not really reading. You’re just looking past symbols- Porous words […]

What are Filipinos worried about today? McCann Worldgroup Philippines’ article entitled such shows the aggregate issues that concern Pinoys these days. What a proper timing it was for the Blog Action Day calling out support and awareness for mother earth last October 15. Inquirer notes 50 blogs responding to a google search for the said […]

Where has my latest food binge taken me? From serving as a large group co-host for 3 classes in Sunday school, my lack of sleep and rest made my hormones cry- foooood! And because Tessa and Chris are both very passive eaters… Me asking for the 3rd time: where do you want to eat? Tessa: […]