Ran across my old project websites and tasted the bitterness of one poetic trials i had.

This was actually the piece I used for my poetry reading in Ms. Gatchalian’s business comm. class. mwehehe. will post it anyway, for posterity’s sake.  loved the wordplay, i wonder if i can come up with something witty-sounding without that dredged taste lingering in my palate.


A few words.

Half a part of  hellos

Never a fugue that whirls into a nightmare.

A handful of pilfering glances.

Apoplectic shocks within your stance.

Unknown deference to your archetype

Non-absent penchant for your hand’s clasp

A whit of concern for the rippling world

Oh… nonchalance may I add…

A crescent moon’s light for blithe.

My reprehensible discourses.

You’re immeasurably oblivious

to my tacit ripostes.

Daily dirge for unresolved stares

Every morning after, insouciant again.

Erratic fortitude, have I got a grain?

Weekly nonexistence, only to return.

Incessant maidens pleading congeniality.

Lightyears from sanity.

My scarcity in understanding

Though you’re overflowing with such.

I solidly stop.

A visage tells it all.

Reflection, I am not.

Skittish poems.

Condign to be by your side?

Deign to my assumption.

A fabulist’s reveries

Of the indefatigable years.

Former internal requiems

Presently alleviated.

Eventual madness.

Eventually sane.


3 Responses to “Reruns”

  1. Yes, for posterity. Indeed, a piece of poetry with compelling words does a good job of connecting to readers. You may want to sample Claudia Peña’s poetry too. Thanks for the comment on my other blog!

  2. hahahah! okidok!

  3. @joelogs: chief! well, thanks for stopping by too. i have to admit, some of the stuff im reading at the moment, i encountered first hand in your blog. Claudia Pena’s a walking poet.. anything, just about ANYTHING can be her subject. galeng. hehe.
    @tessa: ayus! haha

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