Stardust Promo Poster

Noticed an apparent trend in Neil Gaiman’s works. At least for the few books that I’ve read, the pattern goes this way:
1.Not so appealing lead lives an underdoged or to the least, a typical unadventurous life.
2.He interacts with a supernatural/ character from another realm
3.Due to the circumstances, love is found in the least expected new character
4.The protagonist chooses to leave his old world behind and settles in his new-found different dimension.

Of course, there will be very graphic violence that includes the defiling of animals and torture in exchange for a few laughs. Oh! and don’t forget the western humor (read: sarcastic) all throughout. hehe. i love Neil Gaiman. :p

Looks pretty simple, huh?
Yet, Gaiman weaves a story so colorfully that a gray airplane blanket transforms into an iridescent coat of the stars after passing through his playful story-telling.

Stardust is a nice feel-good movie. Robert De Niro’s fantastic.
Let me think of something parallel to go with this…
He’s the movie’s crunchy bass line- it reaches farther though undertoned, not exactly the lead instrument but submits the song as incomplete when not present. He’s so good that Claire Danes was without luster compared to him. In fact, I’m fancying the idea of Mr. De Niro wearing that silver sleek gown, lying, injured, fallen from the sky.
haha, sick.

admit it, he looks dainty with that pink feather fan.
maybe he’d say the deliver the supposedly romantic line about the heart not belonging to oneself anymore, with more feelings :p


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