salvo from a hopeful food blogger


Where has my latest food binge taken me? From serving as a large group co-host for 3 classes in Sunday school, my lack of sleep and rest made my hormones cry- foooood! And because Tessa and Chris are both very passive eaters…

Me asking for the 3rd time: where do you want to eat?

Tessa: kahit saan..

Chris: oo , kahit saan.

Me asking again: what do you feel like eating?

Tessa & Chris: kahit ano..

Me, a little frustrated: kahit saan? kahit ano? there’s this steak place in morato. (steak md. good, btw). cab?

Tessa & Chris: Sige.

This set-up kinda works to my advantage. I’ve officially become the Lunch and Dinner Alpha feMale. harharhar. No one objects of course, unless Tan (the other foodie) is around. My tastebuds have a life of their own and even with Tan, i get to boss around still. hehe. ♥i love my friends♥

Steak MD’s value for money, sadly, our Porterhouse doesnt photograph well so i decided to postpone displaying it here. It’s better that you try it yourself:

Steak MD– Creekside Square, Tomas Morato, QC

Like the trend in dining now, this place offers valuable CUSTOMer experience- that is customizable orders according to your taste with variations on how it is rubbed, prepared, etc. The whole day, I was only eating pocket meriendas and the sensation of just-sizzled food readily lifts my tired eyes (ugh, not just tired. later found out that they were infectedö). I felt like dancing along the jazz standards being played in the square. haha! We came at an odd hour, but during breaktimes and dinner, parking’s packed in this branch. Nevertheless, the lack of audience was not enough to make me stand up, dance and leave my scrumptious steak behind. Weird hearing this from a former vegetarian, huh?

And how does a food lover end a meal? With the perfect dessert, of course! 🙂 While we were in the area, i sampled Yoh-gürt Froz

Strawberry Yoghurt It’s ridiculously pricey by my standards- P80 ($1.75).. I spent P80 for dessert and it’s only 4pm. If not for its freshness, the small serving wouldn’t have given justice to the P80 i could have spent of Sebastian’s ice cream.

As you may have noticed- though I’m a real stinge on most stuff, I’m ready to try new things when it comes to food. 🙂

do you have some suggestions on where to eat next? talk to me!

Here’s to my first foodie entry! more food shots and adventures to come 🙂





2 Responses to “salvo from a hopeful food blogger”

  1. 1 telurts

    try fish and co., and bubba gump [my faves]. haha. i havent tried conti’s yet, but ive read a lot of good reviews about them already.

  2. oh i love seafood 😀 conti’s is divhhhine! i say it in that manner each time! Mango Bravo yum-yum!

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