Filipino Worries


What are Filipinos worried about today? McCann Worldgroup Philippines’ article entitled such shows the aggregate issues that concern Pinoys these days. What a proper timing it was for the Blog Action Day calling out support and awareness for mother earth last October 15. Inquirer notes 50 blogs responding to a google search for the said Blog Action Day and Philippines


Worldwide, the call we hear is Awareness, awareness, awareness.  11th Hour was playing this month in local movie houses and the Inconvenient Truth impacted even the business community. One of our distributors held a film showing for its employees and gave an incentive for the best suggestion/solution they can provide. Just this morning, i heard news regarding the dispute for a new dumpsite location. It’s sad that supposed sanitary landfills are not sanitary at all. Foremost, there should be a lining for the area’s perimeter to prevent leaching. What happens (therefore warranting the ambivalence of locals) is an area becomes a foresaken property and literally is turned into a dump- without any engineering back-up plan to monitor it. And shouldn’t our goal be to reduce the waste that goes into these landfills? My heart goes for fellows who, in a conscious effort to cut down on non-necessity packaging et. al, bypass the use of plastic straws when dining out (yes, these cannot be recycled). I still get weird looks whenever I tell a cashier not to package my purchases anymore since it’s not of a copious quantity and can easily be given a clean exit when i show my receipt. Might sound funny, but it’s little things like this that starts the change in our overall lifestyle. Hoorah for our Maryknoll education and their green-women mantra. :p

Hats off to SM and Rustans with their reusable bags. Rustans’ is a bit pricey but I guess their PTM will not complain. SM Advantage/Citibank card holders get a free green bag from SM with a minimum purchase of Php 500. 🙂 (+,- some other mechanics). I noticed a clear depot in Mega Mall too, wherein you can drop your old batteries and chargers. how nice ;)What role does retail play in this global worry? In Germany, supermarkets offer rebates when their customers bring PET containers bought from their stores. Lenovo on the other hand, offers rebates in Canada for the same practice on related products. EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)- yes, it’s not a fictional agency from the Simpsons movie- encourages supermarkets to have their own recycling programs: Participating supermarkets save money, receive positive recognition, and regulatory relief. Waste disposal represents a significant and increasing operating cost for the supermarket industry, especially in Massachusetts where disposal fees range from $80-$100 per ton. Since 75-85% of a supermarket’s waste stream is biodegradeable, composting can be a lower cost alternative to disposal for these stores

Our very own Iloilo is on its tracks of passing a law for its province to make recycling and waste management implementable. At present, businesses, market vendors and sari-sari store owners are using paper bags and (wow) banana leaves to compile their wares. How pioneering!

With all the other turmoils around, we have to strike a balance and not forget that we owe this planet much dignity. ^_^


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