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I just remembered, today’s my 2nd month with The Design People. yeay! How’s it like, working for this cool company? It kicks *ss everyday! 😉 Advertisements

Hats off to those who pulled this event together. We visited them last Wednesday and bought dolls to give away 😀 This was a fund-raiser organized by ArtHOC or House of Comfort Art Network, an NGO that hosts free art workshops to children. It’s a whimsical and very creative take on social marketing, I hope […]

The 20th was a great affirmation for how much I know B already. The tense vibration of his voice and the evasive tactics to not look me in the eye- can mean only one thing… he’s lying! When push comes to shove- he can’t lie without me sensing it. What a terrible gift I have! […]

Mr. Villar finally had time to watch this with me 😀 I absatively looove Juno! It’s edgy, youthful and well-written. No pretense- as simple as its title, the movie basically sets aside the buzz and concentrates in letting the characters do their thing. This makes you approve of everyone’s on screen presence. From the stink-eye […]

Wrapped.. Unwrapped. Boxing made it look even worse. Ngyarrr. Session 8 for my Contender adventure on Wednesday. To the very least, all I can say is that I’m definitely hooked. Hands up to my very patient trainer, moving by my pace and escalating it once he sees that I’ve warmed up. haha! When you go […]