Manikako, Future ko


Hats off to those who pulled this event together. We visited them last Wednesday and bought dolls to give away 😀 This was a fund-raiser organized by ArtHOC or House of Comfort Art Network, an NGO that hosts free art workshops to children. It’s a whimsical and very creative take on social marketing, I hope that (and by the looks of it), this event was a success. From February 16 to 23, 100 artists contributed their craft and made remarkable pieces out of the plainest rug dolls. Manikako sold starter kits for Php 150, pin-head dolls at Php85 and custom dolls. They were also auctioning the artists’ painted/made-up dolls. Starting at Php500, the bid had gone up to Php7,500 by February 20.

artists’ dolls for sale
a few of the dressed-up dolls
Albeit simple, this piece by National Artist Malang was the highest-bid item
The designs go from ethnic, to new age, fantasy to still life!
besties spaceman
these 2 are the best for me 🙂

3 Responses to “Manikako, Future ko”

  1. andun ako!!! i wasnt able to buy one though :/

  2. i am yet to transform my doll into a masterpiece 😀 Tiffy!! i’ve got film! 😀

  3. 3 Doodle

    My attention was caught by these cute little dolls I think that was Saturday on television – GMA 7’s feed on annual toy con. I got interested, I wanted to give my girlfriend one, where can I find a shop, booth or stall to purchase a kit? thanks very much!

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