2nd month @ TDP

me and tdp
I just remembered, today’s my 2nd month with The Design People. yeay!

How’s it like, working for this cool company? It kicks *ss everyday! 😉


7 Responses to “2nd month @ TDP”

  1. 1 Helga

    I’m actually applying to TDP 🙂 I’d love to NOW, seeing I’m low on cash, but I have class on MWF mornings, meh. But Drew told me to submit my resume/portfolio.

  2. yeayz, try,try 🙂 we give good training. there’s another studio in a creepy building nearby although they’re known for porn 0_o

  3. 3 Helga

    Lol, Drew told me bout that company 😛

  4. parang alam ko yung creepy building. haha. congrats jane!

  5. 5 tessa

    ako din sali din ako sa inyo… lol.

  6. @mr. ego: oi, no name dropping ha. :p hahaha! salamat!
    @tessa: gusto mo? just don’t take my job! 😀 mwahahaha

  7. 7 tessa

    LOL! just keep me updated on job openings you know of. you never know…ya know. haha

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