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I was wondering the whole time why one of our 5 year olds brought with him to class a full coin bank. It was so heavy, I kept it for him until the class ended. while some kids pack their bags and pockets with little toys and snack, he chose to slug a heavy coin […]

The worst experiences in our lives, God’s able to turn into stories of triumph and beauty. As someone who was prone to depression, God saved and empowered me with His love to overcome this. Now, given that I have a heart for those who suffer the same, it’s as if I’m being prompted to share […]

Vacation Notes


One week to go before the Hard Core vacation. oh gripes! we are yet to confirm with our resort bookings since all are pretty much tentative anyway. Ayee got through one on for the 5th, I got 2 tentative resorts for the 4th, Tehnie made the reservations for the CWC. I’m really optimistic about it […] :)


Heya! I finally decided to register my own domain name. is directed to this blog until I fix its homepage. Hooray! Keeping the momentum alive with every step. Next will be the business’ website so watch out for that! Bombi’s turned 24 today. Yeay! will you greet him too, please?

Playing Chef


Saturday morning was spent coaching Rj how to cook. His infamy with rock-solid cookies has got to stop so best friend comes to the rescue. Gone are the days when even at Easter Sunday, establishments are still closed. TV networks then have nothing to offer but the multi-colored “on stand by” bars or reruns of […]