11 of the worst billboards in Metro Manila


Gagastos ka na nga lang, gandahan mo na ang pinagkakagastusan mo. Why can’t some companies maximize their spendings instead by coming up with better billboard ads. I waste most bored-out-of-wits-end-while-stuck-in-traffic occassions chuckling at billboards. What were they thinking? If we can only pressure the Outdoor Advertising Association of the Philippines to regulate & police the unsavvy… then again we can’t have as much fun jeering at marketing boo-boos :p

Here’s my top of mind list for the ugliest ads that line our thoroughfares:

  1. Bench. *across edsa* A lot for sure will disagree (men mostly! haha) with this. It’s still a mystery how their distracting and all-flesh poses do not ring any censorship. Photoshoped bodies of former child stars turned public feasts glare provocatively at passers-by every season. Recently, they placed winners of their own reality show to endorse in their blocks. Maybe i just have a different taste for guys, but I am yet to meet someone else who will like this squish-smiled guy wearing hats. Our neighbor’s yaya is an exemption of course.
  2. Bratt/BUM. *across edsa, North and Mandaluyong* Nothing lewd or crass with the style. They’re just cheap pop, unthought-of and amateurish.
  3. anything with Kim Chiu. spare meeee! do i have to explain? If billboards came with voices and sounds, I would have jumped out of a train :))
  4. anything with Sam Milby smiling. *Mandaluyong and Katipunan/C5* parang nakakaloko! he’s got this template smile going everytime. Heard that he’s a real nice guy and i feel guilty for including him here, but what can i do? The sideway head turn and big smile whispers the “g” word.
  5. Ms. Ugly No More! *Makati* I feel bad for the winner. Para silang pinaglaruan ng mga kasama nyang contestants. How can you move on and feel good about yourself after everyone travelling south’s guffawed at your before and after? Marketing-wise, it’s also a flop. You’re a Cosmetic Surgery clinic. (and a supposed high-end, at that) People who go to you value confidentiality and a level of sophistication. Ms. U.NoMore is worlds away from Ms. Universe.
  6. Glutathione/Whitening/ KSA products. *Mostly Cubao but across edsa. Nagkalat sila* Why? Why will you spend to thousands to change your skin color? Color dodge, crop and outerglow lang sa photoshop. tapos. :p
  7. Splash/HBC. *Mindanao Ave.* Okay, they don’t have enough funds (nor public interest) to go and advertise in denser areas. i only notice their materials because they’re near my home. Here’s a salute for pushing Filipino developed products. If only they take this motivation and challenge themselves just a little more, then it’ll be another Pinoy success story. Selling products to the lower social tier doesn’t restrict you from being original, stylish and  making sense. hehe.
  8. RDL beauty products. Cheeeeap. No wonder all they ever target is Cubao :)) *btw, im a Cubao-X tambay, so this isn’t a bias hit. i’m just being realistic*
  9. White Castle. *Kamuning, but long gone na* The product’s obviously not for yuppies. Only my lolo and uncles in the province drink this. So if you use a girl my age- Roxanne Guinoo (spellcheck?) to endorse it. anong maiisip mo? eeeeeeeeeew! Hindi lang yun, her makeup and hair was yucky. Printing quality appears olden and she looked constipated.
  10. Ellen’s Skin Care. fortheloveofallthingsgoodandjust! Her collagen lips and botox-ed everything gives me the creeps. Nightmares 😦
  11. pwede ba ‘to– a crossed-arm Bayani Fernando. Hasn’t he done enough with staining the metro with Pink and Blue? If he truly wants order and a first-world stature for urban planning, he’d stick with standard, world accepted colors. cut the crap with pink and blue being cutesy. It’s monument and territory building from my perspective.

10 Responses to “11 of the worst billboards in Metro Manila”

  1. 1 Helga

    Number 10 is undoubtedly the worst. It makes for a good laugh, though. And their URL??? Ellensaestheticcenter.com. Lol. Putting in the word ‘aesthetic’.

  2. helga weber! i haven’t seen you since soph year :)) i know! i think i must’ve done the whole number thingie backwards since ellen scare the crap out of me for sure. haha. linklove!

  3. 3 Helga


  4. heeeeyyyy.. i think Ms. Leonardia’s fabulous for her age 😉 haha! yes, i stand corrected. how are you? might as well check your blog 😀

  5. 5 Helga

    Not Ms Leonardia! I mean, she’s not the old lady I was referring to!

  6. hahaha. talaga? who is this? i can’t remember 😦

  7. “anything with Kim Chiu”

    …haha. apir.

  8. *apir. haha. retz disagrees because he’s a “kimerald” loyalist. harhar 😀 jk

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