How a 5 year-old made me cry


She and Ben sat beside me on our red mat.

Anika: Teacher, you weren’t here last week. I was looking for you and I didn’t see you…


I was in a friend’s wedding, that’s why I wasn’t able to teach in Sunday School. Although I knew my valid point for taking the weekend off, this little girl’s innocent statement shook me awake. Yes, we only meet them once a week. We don’t even give grades, so we can’t push the way academic schools do. But you know what? Those 1.5 hours mean a lot to them. Their teachers are role models and their classmates- potential peers when they grow up. She didn’t have to tell me, I felt from her words that she wants her teachers to be there for her and her shoti. These kids call for someone to explain the stories of Jesus, someone to hold their hand when falling in line, a hugger for welcomes and a waving big sister assuring them that next week, I’ll be there again. Suddenly, we’re no longer simple, familiar faces. We’ve become family, given trust and dependence to.

We Lifeshapers raise them up in prayer each day, knowing that it is ultimately their choice how to live as grownups. But as far as I can go, the hours spent with them will be the most prepared ones I’ll ever give. How great is our God, who from His outpouring love, fills us with compassion and commitment to His children? 😉


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