Laughing’s always been the smarter choice


Yesterday, I and a couple others were reeking with bitterness. Why? Because it was March 5.. And we’re ticket-less for Maroon 5. I didn’t want to disappoint Adam Levine and stand him up like that, but come on… 10 grands just to see that makeup on his beautiful face cake after 1.5 hours of showmanship? (i bet he’d still be hot, irregardless!) It’s still not worth it. It would’ve been great though to see them perform in person. My boss kids me that they’re boy candies. hehe. i know they are! They’re good lookin’ pop boys holding guitars and mic stands… doesn’t take away the fact that they dish catchy tunes.


It just sunk in this morning that I totally missed CSI’s Where is Sara? episode! This miniature killer’s been at it for the whole season, I want my furtive effort to catch the show paid off! Sayang… I choose to go home late with B rather than stretch my patience in traveling through 3 construction routes to my place.


Everyday, the mere act of going out of our village reminds me of the local/government’s corruption.:

A non-problematic major avenue is undergoing construction; across it, a heavily passed thoroughfare is being cracked in more areas again, creating a moon environment with cranky creatures; the detour inside our village is roadblocked for one lane! Now tell me, am I being too complainey here? The last road they ripped apart and “recemented” looks like vomit and has not improved. We implore to see where our taxes are going, it’s glaring at us: straight to the corruption pot. 0_o

* ****

Thank goodness for the sense of humor!Ā  Stress makes us look old :p

Take a look at these 3:

Marinol Maryknoll

“Marinol” Teehee. That’s the barok way of pronouncing my school

P and B

Not really funny, more of controversial. It’s a pet store behind Metrowalk’s bazaar level. I’m not a big fan of pet shops/ puppy mills. Find out here:

Patay na si Spongebob

This is the best šŸ™‚ Dino’s email read- HEADLINE: PATAY NA SI SPONGEBOB!

Lol. Laugh therapy. šŸ˜€


4 Responses to “Laughing’s always been the smarter choice”

  1. 1 tessa

    OMG! I also missed the CSI episode! You know when they’ll replay it? Tell me ah! hehe.

    Pussies and Bitches. Loved it.

    the maroon 5 concert was AWEsome, apple. LOL.

  2. CSI Reruns: Sunday 12nn, 9pm šŸ˜‰
    i won’t take it back. finding it still unfair that you watched a mainstream act… and why did it have to be adam’s? hmpf. if U2 comes, i’ll empty my piggy bank!

  3. i am gonna show this to my friend, bro

  4. thanks the great funny wallpapers

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