epiphanies and such


Having non-caffeine drinks in a coffee shop today with Tiffy was a breather. I can’t deny a bit of jealousy for her surf trip tomorrow but my current bloated state grounds me with a BIG con in addition to my being clumsy and water-challenged. Oh well, I’ll get my share of sand and water sports next time. If these arms won’t fail me, swimming with whalesharks will be smewth! haha.

Our schedules weren’t working out so it’s back to me and her again vs. the original plan of rounding up the Step Up! 1 ladies. We sorta adjourned by declaring a “once every 2-months” chika date starting uh.. April? hehe. We shall be marshalls and push everyone to have tea with us . šŸ˜€ Tiff’s a real animated character. She’s the kind who looks petite and sweet but in reality, just as jologs and crazy as me. (be kind when remembering our simultaneous ‘unstable’ phases last year!).Ā  Updates, updates..Ā  where do I start? Basta, the point is- she and I are both learners at heart. We can’t be contained into doing something routinary unless we’re breathing passion for it. School, language, Lomography, photography, surf spots, travel and business: watch out for us by next year!

Our talk today, despite being bitin, became an epiphany of some sort to me. It’s premature to give anything right now but let’s just say I’m doing biz planning and it’s not for work. šŸ˜‰ I’m praying that this new venture is what God wants for me. Wrote everything here in lightning speed thinking that after, the excitement will subside. Yet it hasn’t ;). The concept is very viable, but we’ll let the research speak for itself. Gising, gising! Allow the entrepreneur inside you to wake up and start moving.


6 Responses to “epiphanies and such”

  1. 1 tiff

    appsiee!!! out of town tayo! super i love our coffee sessions or should i say poser coffee sessions.. goodluck to you deary! šŸ˜€ till our next coffee session! mwah

  2. *poser coffee sessions*– totoo! hahaha.
    claim it! if 2008 isn’t our year, then it’s just a prep for our best in 09 šŸ˜‰

  3. 3 cams

    appsie! cams here. soooooo sayang. wasnt able to join you guys. i thought it was cancelled (er, resked?) kasi tiff has to rush nga to go to la union (inggit din ako..) sayang! naku, april! we have to see each other. Ann commented on my friendster page. shes back in the country. (didnt even know she was out e. God. missed out a lot.) maybe we can sked another coffee session. hay. missed you guys!

  4. 4 tiff

    when oh when? next week anyone?

  5. next week i’m good šŸ˜€

  6. 6 cams

    naku wait, just read your replies. medyo serious mode ako this week (Holy Week) and by next (last week of March). entrance exam na kasi for MA sa 29. scares the hell out of me. kaya review mode ako (kunwari) hahahaha. shoot. raincheck guys? sad naman to. :c

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