Bb. Pilipinas brouhaha. kebs.


Paki-explain nga sa akin kasi why there are beauty pageants? Sorry to be blunt, but I’m just no fan of this whole “world peace” and “for charity” act. Who are you kidding? How can strutting in a bikini and wearing blood diamond save the hungry? A friend’s sister worked closely with the organizing foundation, and yes: boob jobs, underarm whitening and liposuction are in the to-do list of title holders before embarking on their travels abroad. Didn’t they say that they want little girls to feel good about themselves? how ironic. Gasping at why people question the decision to let a grammar flub win. uh, if they wanted smarts, why is the q&a reserved for the last part? They invited Marian Rivera as a judge— it’s obvious that they weren’t after good communicators! :p

I’m not entrusting the representation of my country to a ratty beauty pageant. So go ahead, let those inflicted w/ the “dumb-<insert hair color here>-syndrome” get the crown. My Pinoy pride goes deeper than rooting for a barbie doll onstage.


3 Responses to “Bb. Pilipinas brouhaha. kebs.”

  1. 1 cloud88

    Tama! apir! 😀


  2. And…and this idiot won? -_-

  3. i think she did.. ms. world or something? yikes. in all fairness, the lady who won last year was a UP magna cum laude and law student. s

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