random kikay inventory


It’s a bit weird for me to be writing about cosmetics and the likes but since I’m still a girl who likes looking nice, I’ll let you in on what my favorites are:

1. Fasio Shock FreeFasio Shock-Free curl mascara(Php395/ $10). Recently discovered it while working my way through the cosmetics section of a mall here in Ortigas. It withstands my teary eyed coffee talks and looks good even after sweating it in the gym for the afternoon. I love the fact that it doesn’t smudge and break into little residues because that’s a big turn-off for us wearing contacts.

2. Olay Total Effects.(Php 645/$16) My little miracle bottle. Just a pea-sized dot spread on my skin and I can last without makeup! The formulation’s great because it leaves your skin supple and glowing after. I am yet to give any complaints for it. I’ve tried the facial wash of their line and wasn’t surprised that it works just as lovely πŸ™‚ The foam has fine sugar-like beads which gently exfoliates (i sound like the commercial. haha). hmm.. I’ll include it to my shopping list.

3. Body Shop Spirit of the Moonflower body wash ($6.50). Oldskool but alavet! πŸ™‚ probably the most feminine I can smell ever. haha. I used it as a motivation when getting an offer from the local company handling its distribution. yes, i like it that much :p

4. Maybelline Lipsmooth Maybelline Lipsmooth. Bought this for around Php150-200 I think. The packaging wears out a bit after some time but trust me, there’s more to it than its fading label :p This particular one is not scented but will make your lips look healthy and shiny πŸ™‚ it IS pigmented but works fine as a replacement for Chapstick.

5. The Face Shop lip plumper (around Php350). it works! it really works. just as good but not as prickly and pricey as Lip Venom

6. max factor facefinityMax Factor Facefinity Compact Foundation (around Php650). With SPF 15, it can serve as a foundation when dabbed with a moistened puff but works perfect as a normal compact powder too.

7. lancomeEveryone loves Juicy Tubes!

8.Maybelline Dream Mousse Maybelline Dream Mousse blush (around Php300). If only it doesn’t wear out so fast. Sigh! This remains one of my favorites because it looks so natural on my skin. It’s sheer and is fun to apply as a bonus. πŸ˜€

Being with makeup gurus opens my eyes to all these brands and products. Great value for money (because I’d rather get a massage than pay for cosmetics. hehe). I’m excited for the bronzer i’ll be using after I get my tan this summer. For now, I’ll scout for more reviews and suggestions regarding it.

Happy Weekend!

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