Round 2 for Cookbook Kitchen


CBKCookbook Kitchen is a very “hidden” resto/cafe in Mandaluyong. The first time B and I went there, we sorta got lost because of a blocked street that was being re-asphalted. We were tired and a bit disappointed (esp. because parking was an issue) and I didn’t bother blogging about it. Last week, dinner with the Hard Core was set in the same place. Make a little change in traffic and parking availability, the experience was completely different. My migraine was attacking that night but the good food amazingly made it evaporate :p

Take a look at what we feasted on:

pumpkin soup
Squash soup @ Php90. We split the big serving for two.
fish casserole
Fish Casserole @ Php260. Baked Dory with tomato sauce, olives, onions, spices and cheese.
parmesan crusted fish
Tehnie’s favorite- Parmesan Crusted Fish @ Php250.
Pork Steak
Pork Steak, Php250. Soft and nicely marinated with tangy honey-mustard sauce for the boys.
Cookbook Kitchen Chicken
Cookbook Kitchen Chicken. Php240. The drippings are good but this one’s not a “whoah!” order considering that it’s the resto’s namesake.
Kitin’s Scarlet Cake
Kitin’s Scarlet Cake, Php120/slice. Basic chocolate cake with erm, scarlet dough. I can’t say that we were blown away, but the novelty sure made us smile 🙂 Not too sweet, Myke loved the “Sustagen” powder. mwahahaha! One of the better cakes I’ve had for some time (Mango Bravo is not counted!)
strawberry shortcake
and for the motherlode of desserts–> Strawberry Shortcake for a very sulit price of Php160. We’ll try making it ourselves. Components are chiffon slices, frozen strawberries, Vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.
Join the restaurant hop and visit Cookbook Kitchen. You can find them at 8 Socorro Fernandez St., Mandaluyong City. Nissan Center of Shaw blvd. is parallel to it. For reservations, call 7243595.
In case you had too much to eat, there’s a gym right beside the place for you to burn the calories and guilt :p
me,B and myke Me, B and Myke (straight from Laguna) after our comfort dinner 🙂
**photos taken with my dying N70. bad quality, sorry!

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