Lomo On!


Everytime a film seller posts in the LomoManila forums, it’s like an Amazing Race just ignited. Thanks to Tiff and her superior film sniffing abilities, she mediated between us and “Mr. Pusher”.

According to her, userID “Dokleng” is good with meet ups in 2 areas. Since she can’t do the meet-ups herself, happy-enthusiastic Apple Ang raised her hand again.

This Saturday, I was bound to visit Mr. Pusher in his QC clinic. alrighty, here it goes! After a week and a half of coordinating, this contact finally reveals that Mr. Pusher is indeed a MRS.! I couldn’t believe it! She was laughing at me the whole time because of how I addressed her. She decided to play along a little more until an hour before the meet-up. Dokleng, the dubious name, was a misnomer. Mrs. Pusher is in real life, Doc Len, a dentist who happens to loooove Lomography. She gave me a few tips for using the films.

Fresh! Those 2 white boxes up there are ILFORD ISO 400s!!! 1 Fuji Reala, Pro and Velvia. One of the b&w’s and fuji’s will be for Ego and the rest is mine to devour. mwahahahah!

I shouldn’t waste any of the shots then! it’s also finally sunk in how “expensive” (because i’m kuripot) of a hobby lomography is. 😐 i’ll try to get better shots though that might defeat the “shoot from the hip” philosophy. howel. something’s gotta give right? Good stock for our Donsol vacation this April. yeay!

*enter homeTV Shopping voice*Wait! there’s more:

I also bought an expired disposable Kodak from Doc. straight from Cebu! 🙂

expired kodak Only P100! 🙂 forum members are getting it by 6’s or more.

Hihi, and the funniest add-on is this:

pacquiao tix

16 Pacquio vs. Marquez Unfinished Business tickets! Doc didn’t look like a fan of boxing (and Manny for that matter) because she just handed me the whole wad. hahaha. Sadly, I wasn’t able to contact Retz, Merck, Froi, Rye and other TDP boxing enthusiasts to give them the tix. 16 wasted tickets for the South boys. sorry guys! at least Manny won, hooray!

Down to the last 2 shots of my 2-week old Fuji. I’ll be experimenting on my 1st cross-processed project before everyone takes a leave for the lent. 😀

4 Responses to “Lomo On!”

  1. 1 tiff

    pusher is a she!!! grabe you got a lot of stuff ha!!!

  2. hahaha. and we were worrying pa kasi, what kind of a name is Dokleng diba? 😀

  3. 3 des

    how much are they selling the film? ilford and velvia? is it cheaper than hidalgo?

  4. I haven’t tried buying in Hidalgo, but it’s not so easy to find film there rin i heard. Ilford, we got for 280 i think. I forgot how much the Velvia was.. around 190 ata

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