This explains a lot..


Last week, Peanut posted about the very same topic. I’m not completely surprised by my result, I have long made a self-diagnosis for the undetected curve in my back no thanks to the previous annual X-rays. Oh well, here’s the reason why my waistline’s lopsided and I stand no chance to become part of Bb. Pilipinas’ Taf Ten. LOL. “i feel no pressure at all.. right now”


Dextroscoliosis. 😦 Had it been detected earlier, my bullied young self could have gained omph. Weakling transformed into an iron kid with back braces… Imagine standing up to my bullies and challenging them- “Punch me, punch me! haha!”. My correcting contraption’s the perfect armor :p . Thanks to Noe for that idea. haha.

Oh well, too late to react now. This gives a convenient excuse for the things I’m not good at like balancing (also due to my 5 1/2 sized small feet) or swimming. Now there’s more limitations to what I can do in the gym. There’s a number of undiagnosed cases, maybe i can pretend instead that i didn’t know >.< Shucks, will scolio keep me from my dreams of martial arts, yoga and capoeira?


2 Responses to “This explains a lot..”

  1. 1 neil

    “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; that I know very well”

    (Psalm 139:14).

    I guess there is no argument here that you are a wonderful piece of work!

    While you have your dreams, God has His own for you. Just keep on surrendering yourself completely. Completely means your dreams, joys, aspirations, faults, mistakes, defects! Everything that comes with the Apple in the package! For she is fearful. In tagalog, nakakatakot siya. haha!

    Take care of yourself. =D


  2. ano buzz. hahaha. 🙂 yes, fearfully made. no doubt about it!

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