…thinking over the long weekend


I can’t believe that I spent the last 14 hours sleeping! Man, I sure am tired. I had to wait for my body to nag me. 4 pm yesterday and I zonked out to dreamland 😉

As part of tradition, the holy week is spent at home, reserving the beach trips for another weekend. Which reminds me, I have to fit in the new suite I bought just months ago. oh gripes! How can you gain 2-digits on the scale in 5 months? Desserts. They ruin your life. oh well. 2 weeks to go before the Hard Core summer vacation, nothing a little more exercise can’t do 😀 we shall need better abs if we decide to go wake boarding (which I’m totally vetoing for!)

Okay, this weekend’s schedule:

  1. Spring cleaning!
  2. Preparing Level A’s lesson for this Sunday
  3. Practice with Teacher Melluna
  4. Manila kids with Rj. Canceled because he has to be in church earlier. Another Saturday maybe
  5. Play domestic diva for 3 days. Hey.. i like doing mom stuff :p
  6. Start with the school kids’ arts and crafts assignments
  7. Work out galore… My pets included. Chappi’s overweight and needs more walks.
  8. Cut down on carbs 😐

The season’s really conducive for reflecting too 🙂 Catching up on my readings on the side and just enjoying the slow pace before hyping up at work on Monday.

My rest’s a bit disturbed though because someone from my past decides to make an entry again. Let’s just say that the break-up was one of the best decisions I’ve made. More than a year past and here he comes again, out to ruin my day. I’ve tried talking to him, making him accept that it’s long over. I said, more than a year right? And before that, a longer time of instability. He just doesn’t get it. He’s contacting me incessantly, insisting that we need to talk IN PERSON. Why? What for? To be honest, I’m quite jumpy because I know his temperament. Thank goodness for B, my friends and family who are here to comfort me. I hold on to His protection that nothing bad will happen. Haaay… This thing’s a reminder for me to weigh things over before plunging in. There are so many things in life we burden ourselves with. Experiences we can learn without. And although we learn the hard way and move forward, our actions and decisions will still have consequences we are accountable to… Will ignoring him be my only choice?

If you were in my case, your “shaky”/violent past insists that you meet with him in person. alone. for you to talk. and yes, he constantly says that he feels the same way still. will you? I’ll be nuts to agree.But give me your piece, maybe I’m wrong… Better yet, any suggestions?


5 Responses to “…thinking over the long weekend”

  1. You sound like a mom in this entry, haha.

    I think it’s okay to meet up an ex as long as you don’t sleep with him. But who am I to talk? I avoid my exes as much as possible.

  2. do i? haha. i think i sound like a mom most of the time :p
    for me, we didn’t start out as friends so i don’t have any reference of him other than our relationship before. not a very good one at that. hmm. what if i let him meet you instead helga? 😀 hehehe

  3. 3 prettydyza03

    To be honest, i don’t have anything against him…just now…haay. Anyway, it’s not ok to meet up with him. Your story’s over. Isn’t it a “solid closure” that you’re already happy with your life right now? Well, you’re SUPER happy!:) There’s nothing to talk about. Just don’t mind him, please? i love you…mishu…03

  4. malice! :)) thanks dyz. i know. he keeps texting until now. :s

  5. 5 prettydyza03

    haha=p malice ah…tsk. stay pretty and inlove:) muahmuahmuah…03

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