I was wondering the whole time why one of our 5 year olds brought with him to class a full coin bank. It was so heavy, I kept it for him until the class ended. while some kids pack their bags and pockets with little toys and snack, he chose to slug a heavy coin cylinder instead. Could it be his security blanket? was it for exercising? was he as clueless as I am? why?


During the 12nn service, Mr. Sarthou, our speaker, mentioned of a little boy and his father approaching him after the 10am service. What for, you ask? This kid, in all selflessness, wanted to give his “life savings” encapsulated in a Spongebob coin back for our church’s building fund.

ohmigoodnessthatsHans!! how sweet and inspiring of him šŸ™‚ I’m smiling as I write this entry today, because of how blessed I am with his genuine act of generosity and concern. šŸ˜€

Hey, since we’re in the topic of going beyond ourselves, why not make a donation to BBBS’ (Big Brother Big Sister) outreach program this year? On May 17-18, they’ll be bringing school supplies to the remote areas of Benguet Province. For only Php 300 (equivalent to 2 Frappes for some…), a kid will receive a knapsack s/he can use for the coming school year, complete with 7 notebooks, 4 ball-point pens, 4 pencils, writing pads, crayons, sharpener and ruler.

Visit BBBS’ Outreach website:
Lastly, a plug in behalf of Jeff…

Astrojuan, a Nokia-IAC Artist will be performing for the launch of 12 Stone Records’ “Mga Gitarista” album on April 3. Show starts at 5.30pm, Tiendesitas Activity Center. There’ll be workshops by some of the most inspiring musicians of the local scene like Barbie Almalbis and Francis Reyes. šŸ™‚ If you’re not busy, please drop by and enjoy a free, up-close experience of the country’s 1st ever guitar fest. NU 107 is a co-presentor šŸ™‚


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