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Sister Act


Congratulations to my sister, Dona, who’s graduating Cum Laude from UP Diliman! To her HRIM friends (and my extended shobes, Val and Aissa) who are marching with Latin Honors too: congrats dearies! Now my problem is that her College grad’s on the 26th– my company’s out of town trip… which I helped put a date […]

Nakakainiiiiiis! My computer’s restarted 2x within the afternoon while doing overtime and now the rush hour’s caught me. I’m doing research work and nothing could be worse than losing your train of thought. aaaaaargh. inhale, exhale. guuuzfavaaaahh… hay. deviate na lang. Sometimes, all you’ve got is optimism and more laughs with your friends…

Boo! My family left for a weekend in the province. I got left behind because I’ll be teaching on Sunday and I didn’t say ahead that I won’t make it. Pluus… I’m still tired and my stuff are all over the place. I need the weekend to clean up. The otherwise steady me, myself and […]

I hate mimes. I hate clowns. I hate them because you have no idea who they are under those chalky, freakish makeups. I hate that I don’t know what else is there. I hate the uncertainty. *** I was looking at this photo i took with my first roll and questioned myself of the things […]