am baaack!


I can’t be more excited to blog about our Donsol-Sorsogon-CamSur vacation over the last 4 days. I can go on and on about seeing whalesharks and dolphins, kneeboarding, pigging out plus eating Laing and Bicol Express for 4 days straight. But it’s back to reality for me!

I used 2 rolls for my Holga and hundreds of images are stored in my digicam. waaaah! best trip to start the year. The company of “butandings” aka Hard Core Friends made it all the more enjoyable. We’ll definitely go back for some real wakeboarding then.

Til tomorrow or the day after, for now, it’s back to my tasks.

Btw, the new WordPress interface rocks! kudos to the WP devt team. hoorah!

To the Butandings, Kota Kinabalu, watch out for us!


5 Responses to “am baaack!”

  1. 1 prettydyza03

    mare!!!i’m so inggit–>(duh!!!) haha=p anyway, you SHOULD accompany me to donsol ah!!! let’s swim with the butandings and the cutie dolphins…waah!!! i miss you mare…03

  2. 2 tessa

    i think i’ll be in CAMSUR in the near future. it’s 30 mins away from our house in Naga. LOL.

  3. 3 tessa

    where are the pics btw?

  4. 4 Rick

    galing ka jan?? ang saya!

  5. @rick and tessa- photos are up! check my multiply 😀

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