Eating Japanese


I was devastated upon finding out that Ajisen Ramen along Libis closed down! Now is there another branch for this? Ajisen’s a fast-food chain with franchises in North America, Australia and around Asia. They serve the best ramen with a winning combination of hand-pulled noodles, secret stock recipe. If you don’t know what you missed, read Lori Baltazar’s entry about this place here:

We have to refresh our list then of the best Japanese restos near us in QC… There’s Omakase – one in Eastwood (near Power Punch) and another in Tomas Morato. If payday’s still far and Sugi (Greenhills) is out of your options, this is the best bet to get authentic Japanese food and sumptuous sushi. Omakase, roughly translated, means letting the chef decide or giving your trust to the chef. Try their American Dream fusion sushi- salmon, crab meat and cream cheese J

If your appetite’s really demanding, Zensho’s a great place to get your money’s worth. Unlike Saisaki that overwhelms you with a variety of choices (gone cold), Zensho offers an eat-all-you-can menu. A table is assigned a chef and a Teppanyaki grill where the magic happens. We ate there with B’s family for his birthday dinner and we were burping on our way home. Haha. 600pax all in, you can have your fill of sushi, salmon, oysters, steaks, < lamb >, meats, fish, tempura, sashimi and almost anything.

Chef Roger

Chef Roger showing his moves :p

Writing this just made me realize why I’m gaining weight. But with good restos disappearing all of a sudden, can you blame me for seizing the moment? 😉


168 Tomas Morato cor. Roces Ave. Quezon City (Near McDonald’s)


-Unit 207 Intrepid Plaza, E. Rodriguez Ave.,Libis, Quezon City

-Scout Rallo corner Tomas Morato


2 Responses to “Eating Japanese”

  1. of course when you dont have time to cook, fastfoods would always be the best option ‘*’

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