it’s Wander-ful in 3D



My family left for a weekend in the province. I got left behind because I’ll be teaching on Sunday and I didn’t say ahead that I won’t make it. Pluus… I’m still tired and my stuff are all over the place. I need the weekend to clean up.

The otherwise steady me, myself and my pillow Saturday night had to be pushed back thanks to B, Jak and Nina. Yeays!

Being music fans and all, we spent the afternoon singing along Bono in the U2 3D concert in the iMax theater. 500 bucks for a mimicked U2 experience, Jak was reaching out to touch The Edge. Haha! An American couple seated before us made the experience all the more authentic. Worth every peso— of course, for fans like us, this is a biased review.

I typically smirk at the idea of hanging out in MOA because it’s sooo far and unfriendly to my heels. At least I’m given a new perspective last Saturday. We enjoyed the sunset and fireworks talking about planes and the “Easterly wind” over beers and Mojitos. Who knew that staying in a mall can be chill? 😉 There was an MTV event below us, Hooters recruitment I think. Hooters? Gah. Playboy, then Hooters. I shall move to the province soon. Lol. But then, they don’t serve Mojitos there! Hehe.

We then rushed to the Pagcor Theater thinking that we’re late for the Wanders show. Hehe. Free tickets and super good seats, who wouldn’t love that? Wanders is like Cirque de Soleil but less weird/carnie. Surprisingly, we enjoyed it (except Nina who’s jet lagged and slept though ¾ of the show). It’s a local show fusing with gymnasts, dancers and talents from China, Vegas and Russia. I saw a lot of church mates in the production and ran into Pastor Insong whose son is the band’s drummer.

Hmm… twenty something and I still don’t plan about my weekend nights. Mestillalittlegirl. Bleh. Ooh, it’s Pawie’s birthday today!

Shall I fix my schedule for a party? 😉

You can get tickets for the Wanders via Ticketworld

for iMax tickets, call 556-IMAX


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