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I was wondering the whole time why one of our 5 year olds brought with him to class a full coin bank. It was so heavy, I kept it for him until the class ended. while some kids pack their bags and pockets with little toys and snack, he chose to slug a heavy coin […]

Hats off to those who pulled this event together. We visited them last Wednesday and bought dolls to give away 😀 This was a fund-raiser organized by ArtHOC or House of Comfort Art Network, an NGO that hosts free art workshops to children. It’s a whimsical and very creative take on social marketing, I hope […]

Security Issues


I am a firm believer of the power behind timing. Say, you meet someone beyond compare– a perfect match to say the least. Yet, without the proper timing, she’s just another face in the crowd. Imagine reading a text so many times before ….but it’s not really reading. You’re just looking past symbols- Porous words […]

What are Filipinos worried about today? McCann Worldgroup Philippines’ article entitled such shows the aggregate issues that concern Pinoys these days. What a proper timing it was for the Blog Action Day calling out support and awareness for mother earth last October 15. Inquirer notes 50 blogs responding to a google search for the said […]