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Eating Japanese


I was devastated upon finding out that Ajisen Ramen along Libis closed down! Now is there another branch for this? Ajisen’s a fast-food chain with franchises in North America, Australia and around Asia. They serve the best ramen with a winning combination of hand-pulled noodles, secret stock recipe. If you don’t know what you missed, […]

Playing Chef


Saturday morning was spent coaching Rj how to cook. His infamy with rock-solid cookies has got to stop so best friend comes to the rescue. Gone are the days when even at Easter Sunday, establishments are still closed. TV networks then have nothing to offer but the multi-colored “on stand by” bars or reruns of […]

Cookbook Kitchen is a very “hidden” resto/cafe in Mandaluyong. The first time B and I went there, we sorta got lost because of a blocked street that was being re-asphalted. We were tired and a bit disappointed (esp. because parking was an issue) and I didn’t bother blogging about it. Last week, dinner with the […]

The 20th was a great affirmation for how much I know B already. The tense vibration of his voice and the evasive tactics to not look me in the eye- can mean only one thing… he’s lying! When push comes to shove- he can’t lie without me sensing it. What a terrible gift I have! […]

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