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Nakakainiiiiiis! My computer’s restarted 2x within the afternoon while doing overtime and now the rush hour’s caught me. I’m doing research work and nothing could be worse than losing your train of thought. aaaaaargh. inhale, exhale. guuuzfavaaaahh… hay. deviate na lang. Sometimes, all you’ve got is optimism and more laughs with your friends… Advertisements

Boo! My family left for a weekend in the province. I got left behind because I’ll be teaching on Sunday and I didn’t say ahead that I won’t make it. Pluus… I’m still tired and my stuff are all over the place. I need the weekend to clean up. The otherwise steady me, myself and […]

4 Days is not enough for one to experience the beauty of the Bicol region. Travelling alone will cost you 2-4 hours depending on which town you’ll move to. We took the Legaspi route and headed for Donsol. Our reservations were in Casa Bianca, which was 3-4 resorts away from the Tourism Office in Dancalan. […]

Vacation Notes


One week to go before the Hard Core vacation. oh gripes! we are yet to confirm with our resort bookings since all are pretty much tentative anyway. Ayee got through one on for the 5th, I got 2 tentative resorts for the 4th, Tehnie made the reservations for the CWC. I’m really optimistic about it […]

Yesterday, I and a couple others were reeking with bitterness. Why? Because it was March 5.. And we’re ticket-less for Maroon 5. I didn’t want to disappoint Adam Levine and stand him up like that, but come on… 10 grands just to see that makeup on his beautiful face cake after 1.5 hours of showmanship? […]