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Nakakainiiiiiis! My computer’s restarted 2x within the afternoon while doing overtime and now the rush hour’s caught me. I’m doing research work and nothing could be worse than losing your train of thought. aaaaaargh. inhale, exhale. guuuzfavaaaahh… hay. deviate na lang. Sometimes, all you’ve got is optimism and more laughs with your friends… Advertisements

am baaack!


I can’t be more excited to blog about our Donsol-Sorsogon-CamSur vacation over the last 4 days. I can go on and on about seeing whalesharks and dolphins, kneeboarding, pigging out plus eating Laing and Bicol Express for 4 days straight. But it’s back to reality for me! I used 2 rolls for my Holga and […]

The Rubik’s Cube Office, train, shuttle, coffee shops- everywhere you go, people have either of these three things with them: a mobile phone, a PSP and most recently, a Rubik’s cube! In my workplace alone, the IMD boys and designers/developers on the next lot are crazy about solving this 3d puzzle. The fascination simply won’t […]



I was wondering the whole time why one of our 5 year olds brought with him to class a full coin bank. It was so heavy, I kept it for him until the class ended. while some kids pack their bags and pockets with little toys and snack, he chose to slug a heavy coin […] :)


Heya! I finally decided to register my own domain name. is directed to this blog until I fix its homepage. Hooray! Keeping the momentum alive with every step. Next will be the business’ website so watch out for that! Bombi’s turned 24 today. Yeay! will you greet him too, please?