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Boo! My family left for a weekend in the province. I got left behind because I’ll be teaching on Sunday and I didn’t say ahead that I won’t make it. Pluus… I’m still tired and my stuff are all over the place. I need the weekend to clean up. The otherwise steady me, myself and […]

Vacation Notes


One week to go before the Hard Core vacation. oh gripes! we are yet to confirm with our resort bookings since all are pretty much tentative anyway. Ayee got through one on for the 5th, I got 2 tentative resorts for the 4th, Tehnie made the reservations for the CWC. I’m really optimistic about it […]

It’s a bit weird for me to be writing about cosmetics and the likes but since I’m still a girl who likes looking nice, I’ll let you in on what my favorites are: 1. Fasio Shock-Free curl mascara(Php395/ $10). Recently discovered it while working my way through the cosmetics section of a mall here in […]

Above the talent, kindness, his causes and above the genius who is himself… i love Bono even more after reading that he believes… : Bono: Grace over Karma (got it here: some excerpts: ..You see, at the center of all religions is the idea of Karma. You know, what you put out comes back […]

The 20th was a great affirmation for how much I know B already. The tense vibration of his voice and the evasive tactics to not look me in the eye- can mean only one thing… he’s lying! When push comes to shove- he can’t lie without me sensing it. What a terrible gift I have! […]