7 Months with you!


The 20th was a great affirmation for how much I know B already. The tense vibration of his voice and the evasive tactics to not look me in the eye- can mean only one thing… he’s lying! When push comes to shove- he can’t lie without me sensing it. What a terrible gift I have! (and what a sad,sad handicap he has!)

For our 7th month together, B tried playing Casanova and going all romantic. hahaha. I’m plain (apple) jane literally, buy me ice cream or sing to me while driving and I’m good. Really appreciate the effort hun 😀 So what exactly did he do? He initially won’t say where we’re going. I didn’t argue and was just joking around half of the ride to Podium. Then, from out of nowhere, he announced that dinner’s going to be in a shabu-shabu place. I would have burst out in laughter. Seriously?? haha! What a lousy ploy. He must’ve forgotten that we have the same circle of friends, Borly made the same joke to Chanty during Valentines. Read it “here”.

Ok, I might be mistaken so I dumbed myself a little and took it nonchalantly. Walking past Florabel, B suggests that we check out their menu *lame!lame!lame! hahahah*. I knew it! Florabel it was. Ayun, got seated in a cozy spot and he gave that shy look while apologizing for the whole schnitz. Awww… gotta love Bombi! very sweet indeed. My only remorse is that I had 3 slices of pizza prior to the meal ,from our group’s team building activity. ngyarr… Florabel’s cozy and discreet. Totally enjoyed our dinner and staring at this gorgeous guy infront of me 😉

Bombi and his tomato soup

Bombi and his tomato soup. I had 3 mushrooms + oyster chips.

Dory with SalsaUS Top Blade

John Dory with Salsa (should’ve ordered the other one with Sea Urchin Butter sauce) and US Top Blade steak.

My fish was flaky as a dream and blended well with the Shrimp salsa. Side salad was served with artichoke and balanced out the whole set. Florabel’s serving was uber and too big to finish by myself. His steak on the other hand was tender and very promising if not for some rare meat spots. Zoinks. He’s still recovering from a week-long sickness and ate less. We were exploding and didn’t have enough room to eat dessert 😦 Nevertheless, a romantic dinner/anniversary achieved!


2 Responses to “7 Months with you!”

  1. sweet! ❤

    by the way apps.. when will be our next block get together? =p

  2. angge! 🙂 oh, another dinner will be lovely. but are you feeling adventurous to go on a weekend trip? haha. now that’s catching up! 😀

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